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Rima Ritholtz



Gary Hecht

District 75



Safety in Schools – Missing Student Protocol

Our first priority in schools is safety of students and staff.  The nature of our students necessitates our being VIGILANT about their safety and in knowing their whereabouts.  That is why, if you remember, it clearly states in the P.S. 176X Conference Notes, which all staff has received that includes:

·         Times of the day which can be most problematic

·         Specific staff should be assigned to specific staff all day

·         No student travels anywhere in our school without adult supervision or being shadowed

·         Missing student protocol


Please be reminded that our policy of close supervision includes students in inclusion.  See an administrator if you have questions.


I ask you to read the procedures and protocols in the Conference Notes regarding student safety and the missing student protocol.  I am sending out and attaching the Missing Student Protocol to be followed in the event of a missing student.  Also attached to this protocol are the procedures delineated by the Department of Education, specifically by the Chancellor and our Superintendent, which spell out the steps the school is to follow in case of a missing student.  I ask that each staff member read the protocols and refer to them.  Assistant Principals will be reviewing these documents with you.


I wish to thank all staff members for all the efforts you have shown thus far this year and I know will continue to show this school year.  I continue to be awed by your caring, dedication and skill.  I am proud to be the leader of such an incredible school!


I am excited and thank Dana Cilento for bringing me into the 21st century by creating lists of

E-mails addresses for me! 


To those celebrating a holiday this month, I wish you a sweet one.  To those enjoying a short break-enjoy your time.  To all, I hope you can spend time enjoying the beauty of this lovely season.


  1. -Rima Ritholtz

"To the world you might be one person, but to one person you might be the world" - Anonymous..

Upcoming Schoolwide Events

September 4

First day of school for students

September 25-26

Rosh HaShana

School Closed

October 13

Columbus Day

School Closed

November 4

Election Day

No Classes for students

November 5

Parent Teacher Conferences


High School

November 7

Parent Teacher Conferences

Half Day for Students


High School

November 11

Veteran’s Day

School Closed

November 12

Parent Teacher Conferences


Elementary Schools

November 13

Parent Teacher Conferences

Half Day for Students


Elementary Schools

November 19

Parent Teacher Conferences


Intermediate School

November 20

Parent Teacher Conferences

Half Day for Students


Intermediate School

November 27-28

Thanksgiving Recess

School Closed

December 24-January 2

Winter Recess

School Closed

January 19

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

School Closed

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Our Mission Statement

Parents and students alike had a wonderful time at the PS 176X annual outing to Camp Ramapo.

Check out our gallery of Camp Ramapo photos.

The Principal’s Corner...

Now that we are officially into Fall, the weather reminds me of when I was a child and the excitement I felt about the start of a new school year.  The promise of a “new beginning,” of starting off fresh, to be able to improve on the year before (not waiting until the last minute to do homework and studying a little bit each night, not cramming the night before) always made me feel happy.  At the Opening Day Conference of school one year, I asked staff if anyone had trouble sleeping the night before, who still felt that “nervous excitement” about a new school year?  I was surprised to see, by a show of hands, how many people, even as adults, felt this way about a new school year.  For most of us, this “nervous excitement” we felt as children, translates into “the passion” we feel for the work we do with students.


At P.S. 176X, staff works very hard.  It showed in the results of our 2013 – 2014 Quality Review (a “highly” well developed score) and the fact that we were chosen to be part of the “Learning Partners Program” as a host/model school, and in the improvement we see in our students.  A group of teachers and paras are participating in a Learning Partners Committee and will lead visits to our classrooms.  Our school remains one of the most sought after schools, by parents, and that is a credit and tribute to all of our dedicated staff. 



I am excited about many things this new school year.  I am looking forward to implementing the Unique Curriculum for students in our 6::1 classes and the Attainment Curriculum for our 8:1:1 and 12:1:1 class.  I am also excited about implementing the Brigance in classes this year.

I want to remind all staff about two documents which were created here at P.S. 176X entitled “Best Practices for 6:1:1” and “Best Practices for 8:1:1 and 12:1:1” classes.  Your curriculum support and assistant principals have these documents, which are excellent in delineating best practices in our classrooms.



I am excited that we will be participating in several technology initiatives by our district: robotics, ediscovery and Steam.  More information will be shared as training is unrolled.  Teachers involved include:  Daniel Ehrlich (robotics), Adrianne Horton, Karen Cullum, Brian Hansen (ediscovery), Gina Walpole (steam).  Your technology teachers will be installing Tech 4 Learning on many classroom computers.  I am told that this is a wonderful program which will enhance instruction.


Behavior Support

A school PBIS committee facilitated by school psychologist Sean McInerney, (Positive Behavior Interventions and Support) has been working together to “tweak” a document that will be ready soon.  This document speaks to Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 levels of behavioral support which we bring to students.  Tier 3 is the most severe, most involved level.  Tier 1 contains a tremendous number of intervention and strategies, which are currently being implemented throughout our school.  The idea is that if we have strong Tier 1 supports in our classrooms, we can teach students new behavioral skills and prevent issues from becoming more severe.  Professional Development will be taking place on this topic in the near future.  Many of our teachers already have TCI training.  We are going to call upon them to assist in spreading these good, tier 1 practices.


Arts Education and Special Programs

We are going to continue our assemblies and are planning to have monthly assemblies.  One of most well received assemblies was the one led by our APE teachers this past summer.  We will definitely ask them to do a repeat performance.  Staff should be reminded not to leave before an assembly ends.  Staff lunch and/or prep periods will not be missed, but, we want our students to get the maximum benefit from our Arts assemblies.  Anyone who misses a lunch and/or prep should see an administrator.  Likewise, for those classes involved with EASE, Cookshops, GRTL, which are all highly beneficial for our students, we want to make sure that we do not cancel any portion of these programs so that students can gain as many of the benefits from these programs as possible.  For any class that has a scheduling conflict with our assemblies, EASE, Cookshop or GRTL, please speak with an administrator.

Parent Contact

Our partnership with parents remains a strong feature of our school.  In the interest of lessening paperwork, yet providing good communication with parents, I recommend that you see your assistant principal or curriculum support teachers for a checklist type of form that can be used, instead of writing at length.  We have various checklists, with fill-in boxes, which can provide parents with a clear view of what is occurring each day in class.  For many students, having them “self-monitor,” to give themselves a rating, is a useful tool for teaching self-regulatory skills.