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Our Mission Statement


Welcome to the P176X website!

So many wonderful activities are happening at

P176X, a New York City Department of Education Program which serves students Pre-k through age 21 who are on the autism spectrum and have special needs. 

Our rich, creative, curricula, highlighting the arts and focusing on social skills, serves to help each student develop their maximum potential.  From our youngest pre-school student to our oldest high school student, students participate in a range of academic and social activities, with an emphasis on the arts and technology. 

School-Wide Events

All P176X students are assessed on an on-going basis throughout the year so that we may monitor their progress.  In addition to a variety of engaging curricula, which is matched to each student according to need, each student participates in  weekly music and art classes, attend performances and participate in performances.  Our school bands, drumlines, rock bands, Latin band, dance troupes and other ensembles perform throughout the year.  This year we had several STEAM initiatives – (science, technology, engineering, arts, math) including “Lego Robotics” and a “Bridge Curriculum” (a lot of learning takes place in learning about the structure of bridges).  We continue to expand our students’ access to technology thanks to funds earmarked for P176X by Councilman Andrew King. 

P176X has received many grants and special programs.  We initiated two especially wonderful programs this year – the first is a “Musical in the Schools” program with the Disney Organization, when students worked with Disney artists to perform the Disney Show “Aladdin.”  Since we emphasize transition to the world of work in our high school program, a great initiative in our high school has been “Mouse Squad”.  Our students work with general education students to get industry level certification in computer repair and other services.

Our commitment to a partnership with parents is evident in our year round workshops, activities and family involvement programs.  Aside from monthly informative workshops, parents participate in a monthly support group and father’s club.  Our SIBS 176X involves the siblings of our students in team building activities.

Through this website, you will be able to step into our classrooms and into the busy lives of our students.  Enjoy the visit!

Rima Ritholtz


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Lunar New Year

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Mid Winter Recess

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Elementary Parent Teacher Conferences

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March 17

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March 25

Good Friday

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