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800 BAYCHESTER AVENUE  BRONX, NY  10475     (718) 904-5767

John Syracuse & Yvette Berger-Gipson, Assistant Principals


PS 176X @ 181 is made up 6:1:1, 8:1:1, 12:1:1 and inclusion classes, all supported by a curriculum coach and a robust academic and social program. Our middle school mission

is to shape responsible, independent citizens of society, and develop academic skills. During the early Fall teachers use assessments, such as the SANDI and Ed Performance, to assess students in order to identify skills, IEP goals, and entry points into the various education programs. Student performance is measured throughout the year, and those results inform how instruction is individualized and groups of students are formed. Teachers and administrators use this data to evaluate curriculums, programs and identify trends across cohorts of students and classes. 

Some classes follow the District 75 Frameworks, which guide instruction as it relates and incorporates New York City Instructional Learning Standards and Common Core Learning Standards. These Modules change every 2 months in the areas of ELA, Math, Social Studies and Science. Students in these classes departmentalize daily, classes for ELA, Social Studies and Math.   Each content area teacher uses core programs, such as Math In Focus, EQUALS Math Program, the Rigby Reading

Program, SMILE Reading Program, Edmark, the RAPs Reading Programs, and the SRA supplemental reading program to focus on specific skills. Running Records are taken every two months to inform independent and guided reading levels for students. All programs are leveled to match each student’s abilities.  Instruction is individualized by the many teaching strategies evident in each classroom: balanced literacy, leveled libraries, graphic organizers and thinking maps. Certain classrooms use the principles of the TEACCH method, and deliver instruction

using ABA discrete trials, while positively reinforcing preferred academic and behavioral outcomes.  Students expand their potential through the Unique Curriculum, which focuses on developing social skills, academics, and functional activities of daily living.   Using technology, such as the Smart Boards and the iPads, students remain actively engaged and participating. The "Get Ready To Learn" Yoga Program addresses student sensory needs, teaches them to self-regulate their bodies, increases time on task, and helps them prepare for the day.